Boundless CFX Vaporizer - All-In-One Convection Vape

Boundless Vaporizers

$ 160.00


The CFX Vaporizer by Boundless is the industry's newest addition All-In-One convection vaporizer using the most recently technology available. This device comes with an OLED screen which allows you to regulate the temperature between 100°F and 430°F. It is originally designed for dry herbs but comes with a oil/wax/concentrate adapter that allows you to vape any type of herbal material that you desire. Also, the CFX comes with two internal 2500MAH batteries therefore you can rest assured that it will not die on you after days of use. It is designed to go between 15 to 20 sessions. There are comparisons between the CFX to the Mighty and Crafty but the cost of the CFX is only a fraction of those other vaporizers. We currently offer the best price on the internet for this vaporizer and now provide a promotional code "420" for even more savings. We can assure you that you will be fully satisfied with this device. Please read the review and watch the video above for a cool short explanation about this vaporizer.

Kit Includes:
(1) Boundless CFX
(1) Oil/Concentrate
(1) CFX Cleaning Brush
(1) CFX Stir Tool
(1) CFX Charger
(1) CFX User Manual
*Full Temperature Controls
*Easy-to-use LED Display
*Convection Vaporizer

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